Today in America, we have a Democracy in name only, because Democracy requires that our representatives are accountable to us. It’s a simple notion, but today our representatives are only accountable to their donors, their personal careers, and their party.

This is why nothing gets done.

The Constitution gave us a way to fix our problem, and we can restore our democracy by amending it with two simple sentences:

“No person shall be elected to the office of the Senate more than two full terms, and no person shall be elected to the office of House of Representatives for more than five full terms”

“Congressional districts must be determined by creating communities of interests, and a person’s voting history may not be a consideration in determining congressional districts.”

These two sentences will shift the power of democracy back to the people, eliminating the ability of political parties to hijack Congress with rigged elections for what are currently de facto lifetime appointments.

The Swamp

Term Limits

The Gerrymander

The Gerrymander