Dave and Wendy on the Senate campaign trail in Wyoming, 2018

Dave and Wendy on the Senate campaign trail in Wyoming, 2018


About our Movement

Founded by David and Wendy Dodson, Stanford lecturer and former candidate for US Senate in Wyoming, we are building an army of everyday citizens with the goal of returning democracy to the voters. Democracy only works if our representatives are accountable to the communities they serve. But Congress has rigged the system to create a 90% re-election rate while earning only a 10% approval rating. Make no mistake that through the primary system, the political parties have their thumb on the scale to make sure incumbents are shielded from competition.

Nine of the last twelve Constitutional Amendments have addressed electoral reform. For example, Constitutional Amendments are why people of any color can vote, why women can vote, why the President is limited to two full terms, and why people over 18 can vote. It’s time for another two.

How can we get there?

There are two general ways to change the constitution. The first is how we’ve always done it –initiated by the U.S. Congress. But there is a second way—the voters standing up and insisting on change at the local level. That’s what we’re going to do, but we need your help. We’ll roll out the details as we go, but the first step is to sign up to our email list so we can keep you informed as we go!