End Gerrymandering!

70% of Americans favor an end to Gerrymandering. Together, we can do it.

Today, election results are determined not by ideas, ideology, or statesmanship, but simply by using computers to redraw the map to rig elections and make them meaningless.

Seldom anymore does the party in power use violence or intimidation as the principle means to win elections. Instead, they simply disenfranchise the voters who they don’t want to vote. Today, that means they use big data and sophisticated mapping software to redraw the district maps around friendly voters, disenfranchising other voters. In its current form, Gerrymandering is the process by which the party in power uses technology to suppress the votes of those not in power. It’s un-American, and needs to end.

 As originally intended by the Framers of the Constitution, Congressional districts should be formed among “communities of interest” where voters choose their politicians, not politicians choosing their voters. Join us, so we can restore the democracy the Framers designed for us and hold our representatives accountable to voters, not parties, special interest groups, or lobbyists.